We are engaged in international freight forwarding, which can be defined as a set of specific functions, tasks, skills and rules thus effectively enabling shipping, transport, and transit of material goods via all means of transportation, transportation routes in conventional, combined and multimodal transport.
Our main task is to meet the needs of our clients for the complete logistics service to our mutual satisfaction. Wishes and expectations of our clients are our top priority. With previous experience in this business, and continuous education of our personnel through additional training and education in freight forwarding, we have reached an enviable level in providing forwarding services. Twelve of the eighteen employees in our forwarding agency hold certificates for performing forwarding operations issued by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republic of Srpska, and three employees hold the international certificate ie "FIATA" certificate for international forwarding, issued by "FIATA", ie the International federation of forwarding associations based in Zurich.
By continuously improving the quality of services and developing our business operations, we aim to be among the best, thus enabling both ourselves and our clients a steady growth in the market. The long-term partnership based on mutual trust, respect and loyalty are prerequisite for achieving these objectives.

As of 28th of July 2014 Špedicija Globus d.o.o. holds the AAACertificate of Exellence, issued by Bisnode BH d.o.o. Sarajevo
This certificate is a confirmation of the long-term systematic and high quality of work, ranking the winners of this award in the top of the local economy.
Certification of the company (prudential Excellence) is a long-standing international practice which is enabling the holders of certificates the reputation and advantage in being selected in comparison to the competition. In addition to their business partners this confirms the safety of the business operations, both from the perspective of financial capability and from the perspective of responsibility.

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